At the Mercedes-Benz Museum: Stars of tomorrow

Datum - 09/03/2020
19:30 - 21:00 uur

Mercedes-Benz Museum

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Future opera stars will be holding a gala concert on 9 March 2020 in the Mercedes-Benz Museum with the title “Experience the stars of tomorrow today”

Highlights of opera literature.
On the occasion of the ten-year anniversary of the International Opera Studio
of the Staatsoper Stuttgart, the young singers will be performing alongside the opera studio of the “Opéra national du Rhin” from Strasbourg. Highlights of opera literature await.

From Mozart and Rossini.
The International Opera Studio of the Staatsoper Stuttgart<, founded in 2010, prepares particularly talented young opera singers for their professional careers after completing their degrees. The Opera Studio currently has seven members.
The following artists will offer arias and ensembles of opera literature: from the International Opera Studio of the Staatsoper Stuttgart, Elliott Carlton Hines (baritone), Jasper Leever (bass baritone), Claudia Muschio (soprano), Carina Schmieger (soprano), Christopher Sokolowski (tenor), Charles Sy (tenor) and Alexandra Urquiola (mezzo-soprano).

From the opera studio of Opéra national du Rhin Tristan Blanchet (tenor), Julie Goussot (soprano), Eugénie Joneau (mezzo-soprano), Thomas Kiechle (tenor), Claire Péron (mezzo-soprano) and Jacob Scharfman (baritone) are expected.

The singers will be accompanied by Karolina Halbig, Davide Rinaldi (both Opéra national du Rhin) and Alan Hamilton (Staatsoper Stuttgart) on the piano.